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Sunny Points

July 29, 2017 - - - 1:35 pm

Community members earn Sunny Points for supporting channel and community, with different ways of supporting earning different points in a month.

Ways to earn points

Sunny points will launch with the following allocations. These may change as we get a better idea of how the system runs 😀

Time in Stream – 1 point per 1 hour

Tweet Out the Stream – 1 point for tweeting out the stream
(Include @jdoncom so I get the notification 😀 )

Winning a Pillow Fort UHC – 100 points

Give A Tad – 1 point per 50 tads
(May change if Tad ever fix their bloody allocation system)
(Tad is anonymous, so if you want Sunny points you will need to let me know)

Community points – If someone does something awesome in the community (Is a good friends, builds something awesome on a server, is just cool) then community members can nominate them for points (Can not be self nominated).

Patreon – 1 point per $ (So 5 points for $5 tier. 10 for $10 etc) per month

Gamewisp – 5 points per month

Tips via Paypal / Co-Op Vault – 1 point per $ / £ depending on currency

Twitch Sub – Tier 1 5 Points per month
Tier 2 10 Points per month
Tier 3 25 points per month

Mods – Mods get 5 Pizza Point a month as a thank you for their hard work keeping the community safe and happy 😀

Idea is that it allows for perks that are not platform specific. There WILL still be platform specific perks (Patreon servers remain Patreon, Twitch emotes on Twitch etc), but this allows for community perks, and also invites participation and perks for members who support but don’t do so financially (Watch streams, are awesome community members).

Why isn’t hosting included?
Because Hosting and auto hosting is impossible to keep track of.

Why isn’t bits included?
I am waiting to hear back from Twitch for clarification about the usage policy with regards to “virtual currency”. Until then, I can not include bits. Sorry. But don’t forget, you get the bit boss 😀

£ and $ are different so why do they get the same points?
Because maths is hard.

Can we have teams?
Points will be individually allocated, but if a group of friends want to join together, maybe allow teaming for a Harry Potter “House Point” system between teams of friends, providing the competition stays positive.

What perks do Sunny Points get?
To begin with, bragging rights. Once I have a better idea of how quick people earn points, we can have meaningful rewards and a “points” shop. Maybe BB ranks, a redo of the discord rank system in sidebar etc etc. Maybe community goals as well, so “So many points gets Sunny cam” or something. But this will wait until we have a better idea of points. So we can be sure that “prices” are meaningful. Little point or victory saying “100 points for this perk” if EVERYONE gets it in month one 😀

How can I view my Sunny Points?
To begin with I will keep them on a spreadsheet and will let people know their points if asked. I am going to eventually put a password protected area on my site eventually where a table of the points will be displayed. Obviously, this will mean that everyone can see everyone else’s points. If you DON’T want to be on the table, please let me know 😀

I will be trialing this system during August, and monitoring how it works. Let’s see how it works 😀