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Jan Spam

February 24, 2019

SAND!!! Welcome to the Sand Fort

Today, I am announcing the Pillow Fort communities first Twitch support server.

Sand Fort is a community server (Meaning it won’t count towards your 1 server in tier 1, 2 in tier 2 quotas Twitch subs \O/). And will in essence be a variety server.

Currently, Sand Fort’s “default” state will be as the old Pillow Fort season 2 map in Minecraft. Depending on uptake and game interest, community game nights with random games will be decided upon later.

If everyone wants to play Unturned for a bit one weekend, or maybe we all want to play CS:GO for the evening. Or maybe we want to play Ark Survival Evolved (Very slowly, because it’s only a 4gb server) then Sand Fort will be the place. It will also host UHCs for now on.

A full list of games available can be found here. https://nodecraft.com/games

Sand Fort is available as a thank you to everyone who is supporting my channel towards the dream of one day achieving Twitch Partnership. So Channel mods, Twitch Subscribers, and people who regularly attend streams (the Diamond crew). If you would like in on the whitelist, DM me on Discord with your Minecraft name (For Pillow Fort season 2 you will need a 1.12.2 Minecraft vanilla profile) and I will send you the IP 😀

Thank you awesome community.