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February 9, 2019

NAPS Sub Server Launch

The NAPS Sub Server will be (re)launching next Saturday. This will be a very different gaming experience this season. The server will be on peaceful, so no hunger on damage, and the chance to truly concentrate on exploration, building, and Pokemon Hunting <3

Sub Servers are a way of saying thank you for supporting the channel. A subscription is not paying for access to the server. Subscriptions are considered to be support for the channel, for which the server is offered as a perk when supporting at certain levels.

Entry will not be automatically granted, but must be applied for via discord.

NAPS access is offered as a thank you, or perk, for the following support

PATREON (Existing Pledges Only)
Existing pledges will be honoured, (so for NAPS, $10 or up) however no new pledges will be considered for the perk.

Tier 1 – 1 Server (Either Pillow Fort Vanilla or NAPS Modded)
Tier 2 – 2 Servers (Both Pillow Fort & NAPS)

No Refund Policy
If you break rules or cause drama then you can be kicked off the server at any time, without refund. Also, if concerns about your behaviour in twitch chat or community are raised, then you may be refused entry to begin with.

Why no new Patreon?
Twitch is better for the channel. Also, I am looking to depreciate and shutdown my Patreon soon. For this reason, while existing perks are being honoured, no new or returning perks are on offer via this platform.

What if I am gifted my sub?
Gift subs are generally not considered for server access, due to their temporary nature, however regular viewers (VIPs) who receive a gift sub will be considered for the perk on a case by case basis.

What about Tiny Pillow Fort?
Tiny Pillow Fort is not affected by the 1 Server at tier 1, 2 Server at tier 2 count. You may have access to BOTH Tiny Pillow Fort and NAPS at Tier 1.