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Hi. My name is Jan, and I am a 30 something year old writer / coder / gamer / pizza eater living in the United Kingdom. Since this photo was taken, my hair has changed colour. I am also at least a foot taller.

I have been writing fiction ever since I figured out how a pen works, and coding for almost as long, making my first website at 15 (A Resident Evil 2 fansite on Geocities).

As you can probably tell from the subject of my first website, I am also a lover of “interactive story media”, aka video games. A large part of my day is dedicated to the online gaming world, with a focus on my Twitch Channel and surrounding community, called “The Pillow Fort”

I am a variety streamer, focusing on games with a good story/lore and characters for me to fall in love with, such as Dragon Age and Warframe. I also enjoy sandbox open world games like Minecraft, and these can sometimes be found on my channel as well.