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Let’s talk about Patreon

So, it has come to this. Patreon have announced changes to their funding model which will see the creator keep more of their income. Yay!

No…wait…there’s a catch. Patrons, you guys, will now pay a transaction fee for each pledge. So pledges of $1 a month could now cost closer to $1.35 and so on and so forth.


There’s a blog post with the information if you want to read it. TLDR, basically Patreon saw a spider in the bathroom, so it’s now tearing the entire building down.

I am still hoping against hope that Patreon will realise what a monumental disaster they have on their hands and backtrack, forget the whole thing, call it an early April fools and return to the status quo that has worked for the site since 2013, but in the meantime I also have to consider other options. Because I, as a Content Creator and a decent person, can not justify a system that is about to make you start paying MORE for less, and if Patreon doesn’t get a reality check before January 1st, that is what will be happening.

Which is why today I am announcing a soft move to Twitch as a central funding model for my Content Creation/perks system. What I mean by a soft move is that the Patreon will not be shutting down, and those who wish to remain with the platform may do so without any changes, but I will slowly wind down my promotion of the platform, and be concentrating on Twitch Affiliate as an option for people who wish to avoid the new fees.


Sub Rewards on Twitch

Prime Sub
Ad Free Viewing
Sunny Heart Emote
Star Sub Badge in Chat
Discord Access, with Sub role and hangouts
Priority Access to game queues
The Ire of the bot

$4.99 Tier
Above +
Access to Pillow Fort – Vanilla Minecraft Patreon Server

$9.99 Tier
Above +
Your own command in the bot
Sunny Hero Emote
Access to NAPS, Modded Minecraft Server

$24.99 Tier

Above +
A statue honouring you in the Dojo on Hypermine
VIP access to game queues
Sunny Hype Emote

PLEASE NOTE access to servers is a privilege, to say thank you for supporting my channel at this tier. Access to the server is not being purchased by sub tiers, and I reserve the right to restrict access if I have concerns about a user and their conduct. In addition, subs who are unknown to the community (ie sub on their first day in the stream) will have their access to the server subjected to a 1 week cooldown and postponed if they are not seen in the stream or discord at all following the day of their new sub.

Why does Prime not include the server access?
Amazon Prime subscriptions are, by their very nature, volatile because they do not auto-renew and are often temporary. This can cause issues with server continuity, with patchy server access and project interruptions.
Long term members of the community who subscribe via Amazon Prime may be allowed to use this to access the server, but it will be on a case by case basis, and not the default.

What if I pledged between $9.99 and $24.99 on Patreon ($15)?
Twitch has fixed tiers, so the $15 above tier does not exist in this system. Patrons in this tier who wish to move over to Twitch are invited to consider the $9.99 tier. Use the extra $5.01 to buy yourselves a coffee 😀 (Or some bits!). EXISTING PATRONS at the $15 level will keep their perks, even if they switch to $9.99

What if I pledge $1 a month
Some of my patrons pledge at the $1 a month level. Unfortunately there is currently no alternative available for this 🙁 As I have mentioned, the Patreon will not be shutting down (yet) if you wish to continue, but I also completely understand (And indeed ask you to consider) cancellations. And don’t forget that you support the channel and community just by being here 😀
Existing Patrons at this level will keep their Patreon role and discord access indefinitely, even if they cancel.

Do you lose money by switching to Twitch?
There are risks involved with this, yes. Twitch payouts are dependent on payment thresholds being reached each month, and they keep a portion of the income for fees (ironically), so yes compared to Patreon there will be a slight reduction in the income that I as a Content Creator receive by doing this. But I prefer this to the alternative of staying on Patreon and charging you these transaction fees.

What if Patreon changes their mind?
If Patreon changes their mind, then YAY! But TBH this may remain the new status quo. I’ve always wanted to give people as much choice as possible, and this gives you guys more choice if the system works.

I’ve already paid this month, so can’t become a subscriber till next month?
While this crossover is taking place, I will put a hold on all perk cancellations, so anyone who cancels their pledge in December will keep their perks and server access throughout January.

Please feel free to DM me with any questions. 😀
Thank you for your support guys <3 <3 <3

When the stream isn't live, the fun continues on my discord. The discord is invite only, with invites been granted to those who reguarly attend the stream, as well as patreon and subscribers (Twitch and Gamewisp).